VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) and Centurion  University  of Technology & Management (CUTM), Odisha have signed two Memorandums of Understanding which will focus on Skilled Manpower Development in Odisha.The MoUs are –

1.  Between CUTM & VECVL for Technical Training Program (TTP)
2.  Between CUTM & VECVL for Driver Education Program (DEP)
The first MOU entails setting up  state of art Automobile Labs to teach ITI students (vocational training institute) the latest Automobile Technology. There is considerable skill gap in candidates coming out of vocational training institutes and industry needs. TTPs will focus on providing students on latest Automobile technology with hands-on training and making them adept with skills for employment. The automotive industry is facing acute shortage of skilled manpower.
The second MOU is directed towards establishing Driver Training Institutes to develop competent drivers for commercial vehicles. The industry is again faced with acute shortage of drivers.
Both the Automobile Lab and Driver Training Institute are going to be established in Parlakhemundi Campus in Gajapti Dist. Of Odisha, border town between Odisha & A.P.
VECV has further extended support by offering employment opportunities for trained ITI students in its dealerships in Odisha and its manufacturing facility in Pithampur. The trained drivers will have the option to work with Eicher’s customers in Odisha, as well as other states. Students and drivers may also choose to explore other employment avenues as per preference.
Mr. Vinod Aggarwal, CEO – VECV said, “The automotive industry is faced with acute skilled manpower shortage and of this a significant portion are technicians. As a responsible company, we are committed towards the cause of promoting skill development and employment generation in the industry. We are pursuing various initiatives across the country. We hope that our efforts reap positive results for the students and drivers who are trained at Centurion University.”
Professor Mukthi Mishra President CUTM said, “CUTM is actively involved in imparting vocational training & providing employment opportunities to young people, especially from disadvantaged areas of East & North East India, and provide workforce solution to the industry. We are very optimistic of the impact these programs will have for our students.”

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