‘Grand Award Bus’ winner Van Hool displayed 18 vehicles at the Busworld expo. Sending out a strong message about its capabilities as an independent manufacturer, it displayed eight vehicles inside the expo and the rest of the vehicles at the demonstration parking lot. Of the 18 vehicles the company displayed, three made their grand debut. These were the EX11 H S Traxon, CX45E and the Exqui.City 18 FC (Pau). The Grand Award Bus winner, the Exqui.City 18 FC (Pau) stood out as a 18.23 m fuel-cell bus. Measuring 2.55 m in width and 3.4 m in height, the Exqui.City can seat 32, and features a dedicated wheelchair area and buggy area.

A Siemens 1DB2022 200 kW electric traction motor onboard the bus is powered by a Generator Ballard HD100 100 kW fuel-cell. Confident that the fuel-cell technology will take-off and prove to be of much advantage, Van Hool, showcasing the EX15 M S EcoLife UK, EX16 M S Traxon, EX17 H S Traxon with lift, TX17 Astron Allison and the TDX27 Astromega Traxon, announced that it is expecting the proposition of alternative powertrain products in its portfolio to rise beyond the current share of 10 per cent. It is expected to rise to 20 per cent next year. Expecting to reach a significantly higher ratio by 2025, Van Hool is confident of a technologically agnostic future. It is keen to offer the right technology on an application basis. Observing a slowdown in the economy in the Asian markets specially, the company is expecting greater investments in public transportation. Adapting to globalisation, trade wars and protectionism, the company is working towards building a manufacturing plant in the US. It aims to supply city buses for public transport with federal funding.

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