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A technology to control temperature through a seat cover is claimed to have been found in India. This is said to make an effective replacement for AC and heater, and aimed at enhancing the comfort of the driver. Called ThermaCool Comfort Seat, the technology, expected to improve safety, especially in heavy vehicles, has been developed jointly by General Motors, USA, and Dhama Innovations according to Kranthi Kiran Vistakula, Founder and CEO of Dhama Innovations. Said Vistakula, “The ThermaCool Comfort Seat technology is capable of keeping the driver at desired temperatures of comfort, between 14 degree Celsius and 50 degree Celsius. The 40 Watt power consumption by the technology is negligible in its impact on mileage.” Stating that for a 300 km drive, one per cent improvement in performance translates into 1000 km of annual improvement. Expressed Jitesh Chheda, Owner, Chheda Cargo Carrier, that AC is not cost effective for a truck transporter since it impacts mileage. Since mileage improvements have an effect on driver earning, it is likely that the driver will not use AC even if it is there in the truck. The comfort seat technology looks promising therefore, he opined.

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