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Premium trucking

Premium trucking

Q & A Helene Mellquist, Senior Vice President, Volvo Trucks International Interview by: Anirudh Raheja Q. How do you look at the Indian truck market? A. India is one of the most exciting markets that we have seen. It has good growth potential. Five years back, we penetrated the coal mining market. This was done through a 24×7 operation, and a[Read More…]

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Volvo eyes construction segment

Volvo eyes construction segment

After establishing a strong hold in the premium mining tipper segment, Volvo Trucks has turned its attention to construction trucks. Story & Photos: Anirudh Raheja Much water has flown under the bridge after Volvo Trucks entered India in 1996. Continuing to operate in the premium trucking segment in India — claimed to account for three to four per cent of[Read More…]

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Volvo retains mining advantage; looks at new avenues of growth

Volvo retains mining advantage; looks at new avenues of growth

The endeavour at Volvo Trucks India is to be a trusted partner of their customers. Story & Photos: Ashish Bhatia Volvo Trucks India started its journey in India in 1996. It started by offering long-haul trucks in the form of FH, FM and the FL. It found a calling in mining trucks over time. The economics of trucking turned the[Read More…]

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Volvo Trucks and Renova test autonomous refuse truck

Refuse trucks operate in cities and towns. Their operating cycle is typically urban, and with almost a stop at every household to collect refuse. The stop-go operating cycle of a refuse trucks leads to an amount of fuel wastage as well as increases the amount of exhaust gases the truck emits. That is not the only issue with refuse trucks.[Read More…]

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