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Advanced CV suspension systems for safety

Advanced CV suspension systems for safety

Story by: Anwesh Koley A decade ago, production directives for commercial vehicles were driven by the design language to accommodate more cargo space, cross over architecture, and more variation in ride and handling of the vehicle. The current trends, however, have moved more towards safety, comfort, and ease of mobility, without compromising the key requirements of fuel efficiency, better manoeuvrability,[Read More…]

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Next-gen suspension from Tata Hendrickson The Ultimaax and Haulmaax suspension systems Tata Hendrickson has introduced, promise superior safety, efficiency and productivity. Story by: Anirudh Raheja Hendrickson introduced walking-beam tandem truck suspension in 1926. It improved traction and greatly reduced the effects of bumps and potholes. Almost 96 years after the walking-beam suspension was introduced, the company’s joint venture in India[Read More…]

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