Powerguard and thermal imaging camera from Meco

PG09 copy TIC 300 copy

MECO Meters Pvt. Ltd., has launched a ‘Powerguard’ and ‘Thermal imaging camera’. Simple to use and easy to handle, the ‘Powerguard’ is designed to measure various parameters like Voltage (V), Current (mA), Power factor (PF), Power consumption (kW), Energy Usage Time (EUT), Energy consumption (kWh), Frequency (Hz) and Carbon Emission (CO2). The portable and light weight device is available in four models – PG07, PG08, PG09, PG09H, and is suitable for research and development, product design optimisation, and for quality checks. The thermal imaging camera (TIC300), combines the functions of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal imaging. Unlike traditional thermal imaging cameras that measure each component individually, TIC300 does it together, saving crucial time. It works such that any potential problem is clearly displayed on the colour screen. This helps the customer to quickly locate the central point and temperature of the problem area. To improve recognition, TIC300 is equipped with a vision camera. Both the thermal image and visional image can be stored on the memory card.

Battery capacity tester from Meco


MECO Meters Pvt. Ltd., has launched a battery capacity tester 6390, designed for measuring the internal resistance, open circuit voltage and terminal temperature of secondary battery including Nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH), Nickel cadmium battery (NiCd), Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion), alkaline battery and lead-acid battery. The new battery capacity tester uses AC four terminal -method to measure internal impedance which it does by eliminating lead impedance and contact impedance in a bid to get the accurate results. The meter is claimed to measure resistance from 4mΩ to 400Ω with minimum resolution of 1μΩ. Voltage measured by 6390 is up to 60V with resolution up to 1mV. The meter has been tested to operate in temperatures from (-) 20 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius. The key highlight of the compact and light weight meter, is a dual display that displays both the internal impedance and voltage of the battery simultaneously. Boasting of 99 sets of composite comparator function, it (meter) can be set at impedance and voltage values, and can accurately detect battery deterioration. Pin type leads, which can easily contact the battery electrodes, are supplied as standard to offer accurate four-terminal measurement. Other features include a memory and read function, manual data logging (999 Data sets), and online testing without the need to shut down the battery. A user interface software additionally connects the meter to a PC using the RS232C Cable.

Battery system meter from Meco

BM63 Meco

Meco instruments has introduced a vehicle battery system meter – BM63. The battery meter is designed to check voltage and condition of different types of battery, ranging from 4 Ah to 500 Ah, and having 2-volt, 6-volt and 12-volt DC batteries. The state of the battery is indicated on the meter dial as ‘ok’ (green), ‘weak’ (yellow), and ‘bad’ (red). Apart from finding application in the automotive industry, BMS63 is also relevant to other industries like UPS, solar energy, wind energy, among others using cranes and fork lifts in their operations. For manufacturers, service centres, technicians, dealers and service executives of these industries, the BM63 comes across as a unique portable solution that makes it easy to check the battery deployed. The product is offered with a DC volt-meter, load-resistor and testing clip. In India, the BM63 is available across Meco’s authorised dealership network.

Battery system meter from Meco

VBSM6246 copy

Meco Instruments has introduced a vehicle battery system meter for the testing of 12-volt and 24-volt lead acid storage battery within the process of starting the vehicle, charging the battery and loading the electricals. The design of the meter is such that it is operated with the help of four buttons. The result is available on a large LCD screen. Providing a hint of the battery condition by sound and light when being operated, the buttons on the meter enable mode change and test functions. Key features of the meter include battery diagnosis, battery condition display, loose lead detection and reverse polarity protection.

Multi-function automotive meter from Meco


Meco has introduced a multi-function automotive meter to measure various battery parameters, including DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance, diode, and continuity. A portable design with pen-type input jack, the multi-function automotive meter has hands free test leads of the pinpoint and hook type. These leads are interchangeable. Having a auto range and manual range function, the meter comes with a flashlight to facilitate use in dark areas. The meter, with auto power off and data hold function, which can be availed by pressing the ‘hold’ button, operates in the temperature range of 0 degree Celsius to to 40 degree Celsius. Stoarge temperature is between -10 degree Celsius and 50 degree Celsius. Armed with a backlight, the multi-function automotive meter indicate the need to change the battery if the voltage falls below 2.8 volt.

MECO instruments launches an automotive meter

MECO instruments has introduced a Multifunction Automotive Meter – Model MAM6138.  The meter can be used for measuring various battery parameters such as DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance, diode, and continuity. The meter is portable and designed with a pen type input jack. One can use hands-free test leads which are of pinpoint and hook type. These leads are additionally interchangeable. The meter has functions of both such as an auto range and a manual range with additional functions like an auto power off and data hold. After the device is auto powered off, if the current working condition has to be recovered, it is made possible by the ‘Hold’ button. If one needs to hold data while measuring, it can be achieved by pressing the ‘Hold’ button which will in turn hold the reading on the display. The meter has an added advantage of an in-built flashlight to support working in the dark as well. The operating temperature of meter is between zero degree centigrade to 40 degree centigrade, and can be stored at a temperature ranging from minus 10 degree centigrade to 50 degree centigrade. The meter also has a built in back-light which can be turned on in the dark to aid reading. This back-light lasts for about 15 seconds. If the battery voltage is less than 2.8 volts, the user is alerted to change the battery by a notification on the display. With its range of products, MECO instruments caters to the needs of market segments like electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers, power utilities, consumer product manufacturers, state electricity boards, testing laboratories and educational institutions among others.

Battery System meter by Meco


Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a vehicle battery system meter. It is capable of testing a 12 volt and 24 volt lead acid storage battery. Called VBSM6246, the battery system tester works even when the vehicle is running; when the battery is being charged or at the time of loading. The battery system tester has four buttons, ‘Enter’, ‘Esc’, ‘up’ and ‘down’, to facilitate its operation. The buttons can be used to change the mode, or for testing the function. The ‘Enter’ button, for example, is used for both, to select mode and test function. The ESC button is used as a return key. The results of the meter are fed to a large LCD screen and notified to the end user by the way of sound and light signals. Key parameters of the battery being tested are displayed as part of battery diagnosis. The meter thus displays battery condition, protection against overload, detection of loose lead and reverse polarity.