Spark Minda Corporation, Die Casting - New Plant at Pune (1) copy

Spark Minda has inaugurated a tech centre at Pune. It is equipped with modern test and measurement equipment, development tools and a fully operational laboratory to support the development of embedded software and hardware. Including an engineering and design office, the tech centre, built over a space of 40,000 sq. ft., also includes EMI-EMC (Electromagnetic interference & Electromagnetic compatibility) test facility to cater to a complete suite of design and product validation tests. To have 400 employees, the centre, apart from strengthening the Group’s image as a complete system solutions provider, will nurture innovations and create breakthrough solutions. In other news, Spark Minda has commissioned its third die-casting plant at Chakan, Pune. Containing a test lab with x-ray, metallurgy, mechanical and environmental test equipment, the plant, measuring 10 acres of land, is laced with gravity die casting, low pressure die casting, precision machining and powder coating facility. Marking an investment of Rs.100 crore for Phase 1, the plant will lead to a rise in die casting capacity from 8,500 MT to 9,700 MT.

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