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Redefining energy distribution in India, Repos Energy has already sold 3cr ltr of high-speed diesel through their IoT driven e-commerce platform.

Pune-based energy distribution startup, Repos Energy is working in tandem with the latest government policy which says that there is a considerable demand for HSD for stationary equipment like generator sets, earth moving equipment, heavy machinery used in construction sites, mobile towers, etc. And these may not have the facility/resource to store HSD. There is demand from such customers for delivering HSD at their doorsteps. Inline with the ‘big plans’, the country’s home-grown startup is set to manufacture 3,200 mobile petrol pumps by 2022. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Repos Energy has over 1,000 Mobile Petrol Pumps operating on Indian roads.

The Government of India under the aegis of Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce & Industry is promoting start-ups to engage in innovative business solutions. The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas also has envisaged the novel concept of reaching HSD to the doorsteps of customers by engaging Start-ups. And according to the co-founders of Repos Energy, Chetan Walunj and Aditi Bhosale Walunj, this is going to become the future of the fuel industry of our country.

Chetan Walunj and Aditi Bhosale Walunj, Co-founders, Repos Energy
“There are many customers needing diesel generators, rural areas, agricultural sectors, hospitals and other commercial entities that cannot reach fuel stations for their requirement. Especially during these tough times, such people can be provided with the diesel with door-to-door diesel delivery,” says Chetan Walunj, co-founder of Repos Energy.

A traditional fuel station requires physical space where the tanker goes to a depot, collects fuel and fill the tanks in the fuel stations. The fuel is then transferred to the vehicles via pipeline. And this is where the idea of door-to-door diesel delivery changes the equation completely. Here, the fuel tanker from the depot can directly reach the consumer via Repos Mobile Fuel Pumps (RMFP).

Now, what is a Repos Mobile Petrol Pump?

It is a special-purpose machine built with the latest technology. Led by IoT which can safely, most conveniently deliver fuel to the end customers through a simple mobile application. It is integrated with cloud technology to get real-time updates. It has highly sensitive sensors called ATG to get accurate quality and quantity of diesel. Enabled with GPS and Geo-fencing, his mobile petrol pump can be monitored in real-time, to ensure utmost transparency.

The most interesting part of the entire model is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike the stationary fuel stations or pumps that require crores of investments in terms of space, land, licenses, and manpower, the Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps cost requires an investment of Rs 25 lakh, which is almost 1/10th of the cost.

“The cost to set up a fuel station runs to about Rs 2-4 crores. But mobile petrol pumps cost about Rs 25 lakh. With the low capital and operational costs and providing convenience to the customer, mobile fuel delivery is a win-win game for all,” adds Aditi Bhosale Walunj, Co-Founder, Repos Energy.

The startup is backed by Ratan Tata who came on board as a mentor along with Tata Motors who have helped in making these RMPPs safe and efficient in every sense.

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