The Ministry Of Road Transport and Highways has approved the category of ‘Quadricycles’; and includes full-electric and hybrids ones too. Subject to passing a list of emissions, crash norms and others that have been stipulated by the government, quadricycles have been legalised as small four-wheeled vehicles for commercial use. With the legalisation of quadricycles, Bajaj Auto could be the biggest beneficiary. Fighting for the formation and legalisation of

quadricycles, Bajaj Auto has been exporting its Qute quadricycle to numerous countries in Europe and Africa, than to sell it in the domestic market. The sale of Qute in India got derailed due to the lack of a dedicated category, and due to pending court litigations that raised issues like passenger safety and disparity in the definition of a quadricycle. Awaiting government nod for the sale of quadricycles for the last three years, Bajaj Auto has come to export its Qute quardicycle to over 13 countries. It weighs less than 475 kgs, can seat up to four, and could replace three-wheeled rickshaws as a safer last mile transportation alternate. The government is expected to issue a detailed circular regarding other specifications in a short while from now, claimed sources.

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