Maker of Rage e-cargo three-wheelers, Omega Seiki has inaugurated its first dealership in India.

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Introducing electric cargo three-wheeler, Rage and Rage+, powered by an IP65 certified powertrain and swappable lithium-ion 48-volt battery pack of six-kWh and 7.5 kWh capacity respectively, Omega Seiki has inaugurated its first showroom at Hyderabad. The dealership, OHM Automotive, has already set up several battery charging stations in Telangana and is operating them for the past three years. To retail the modern and attractive Rage and Rage+ e-cargo three-wheelers that boast of a superior aerodynamic ability and features like GPS tracking and short-route calculator, the OHM Automotive, as a franchise of Omega Seiki is well-poised to tap the rapidly evolving market for e-three wheelers in the country. Opening bookings of the Rage range of e-cargo three-wheelers on the eve of the festive season, OHM Automotive, is confident of a good run in the market.

Offering electric three-wheelers that promise superior quality and support when compared to the offerings from the unorganised market that provide electric three-wheelers made from kits sourced from China, OHM Automotive is expected to invest further into this venture in-line with the demand and spread of the market. Offering e-cargo three-wheelers that present innovative features like the ability to capture data and support thorough analytics, Omega Seiki Mobility, a part of the Anglian Omega Group, is focusing on cutting technologies and IT-driven businesses in the e-mobility segment. The same is being reflected by its vehicles that offer a range of 70 to 80 km range on a full charge. Their top speed is 45 kmph and the cost of running is a low Rs.0.50 per km. Equipped with a regenerative braking system, the vehicles comprise of a roll cage for driver safety. Its chassis has been designed and engineered to be robust.

Local touch
Equipped with hydraulic brakes, the Rage range of e-cargo three-wheelers have a helical coil spring suspension at the front and independent suspension at the rear. They have a GVW of 960 kg each and Rage+ is priced at Rs.3.50 lakh with carrier and Rs.3.40 Lakh without carrier respectively (after passing the government incentives). The result of an in-depth market survey carried out by the company, the vehicles are supported by a sound manufacturing infrastructure. Capturing customer’s voice, vehicle segments, price points, vehicle positioning, market segments, growth trends, market dynamics, competitor landscape and more through a survey, Omega Seiki Mobility has invested in a facility at Faridabad that would over the next few months produce 15000 vehicles. Using the information gathered through the survey to design and develop e-cargo three- wheelers that would address the market requirements better, the company has come to cultivate a network of 40 suppliers and achieve high levels of localisation.

Conducting multiple regression analysis to develop the right business model, Omega Seiki Mobility, according to Uday Narang, Chairman, Anglian Omega Group, is focusing on data connectivity and an ecosystem that comprises of not just connectivity, but also mobility and energy management. Investing Rs.500 crore in the initial phase, the company has earmarked an outlay of Rs.200 crores. Aiming the Rage e-cargo three-wheelers at a market that is estimated to be one million units strong, Omega Seiki Mobility is confident of the market evolving rapidly to the tune of three lakh units in the next two-to-three years. Of the opinion that roughly 50 per cent of three-wheelers out of the one million units produced annually are exported, Narang informed that an estimated 1.25 lakh three-wheelers out of the one million units are cargo carriers.

Modern tech
A small per centage of the 1.25 lakh cargo three-wheelers may account for e-cargo three-wheelers as of now but the number is fast growing. A part of this is fueled by the unorganised market, but a shift to quality vehicles and a supporting infrastructure offered by organised players is underway. The understanding of lower TCO is driving a change in this space. The typical application area is last-mile mobility, and made interesting by the ingress of AI and IoT. With data analytics the buzzword, organised players like Omega Seiki Mobility are confident of carving out a niche for themselves. Available with a cargo tray that measures 1500 mm x 1200 mm, the Rage e-cargo three-wheelers have a top speed of 45 kmph. Profiting from the latest developments in battery technology in terms of higher energy density, lightweight construction and pricing, the vehicles are being currently offered to B2B clients like e-commerce players and mobility service providers. A plan is being worked to invade the B2C market at a later date.

Keeping a close eye on the new developments in the EV space with a hope that the rapidly changing battery chemistry would soon extend the range to 500 km, Omega Seiki is looking at entering into the middle-mile space as well. It is looking at an opportunity to create a sustainable energy ecosystem driven by environmental pressures, government policies and economic benefits. Eyeing the e-two and e-four-wheeler space, the company is keen to increase its capacity utilisation on the back of good market traction. Evaluating the development of a hub-and-spoke model to promote its products, it is looking at exports to ASEAN markets as well. In advanced stages of discussion with a Latin American enterprise, according to Narang, Omega Seiki Mobility is working on a robust financing model for the domestic market. Emphasising on the creation of a complete ecosystem of energy management system which would include manufacturing vehicles, battery, charging stations, mobility operations and vehicles to grid energy, the company is locally manufacturing the lithium-ion battery packs.

Sound infrastructure
Importing only the lithium-ion battery pack cells, Omega Seiki is in discussion with a large battery manufacturer to source even the cells locally. Of the opinion that e-three wheelers provide excellent economic benefit to the owners with a running cost that is ten times less than that of a roughly equivalent IC engine three-wheeler, Narang mentioned that the government policies have been consistent and supportive of faster adoption of EVs. Pointing at many states announcing EV policies, he averred that a strong supporting infrastructure for EVs would soon emerge. Stating that oil and energy companies will also participate, Narang explained that there will be good participation from the private sector too.
Of the opinion that clarity of GST on battery versus vehicles is necessary, and on battery swapping arrangement as well, Narang said that a strong government policy on battery manufacturing side would do wonders. Stressing on the need for the availability of critical raw materials like lithium in India, he expressed that the financing network for EVs needs to evolve further. Experiencing good pull post the lockdown, Omega Seiki Mobility has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT), Delhi, an industry interface organisation established by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) for joint working on electric vehicle technologies and advanced research. It has also tied up with three Italian firms for research and development. With companies like Exide, Ricardo and Olia Energy by its side, Omega Seiki Mobility is looking at leveraging data analytics to help the vehicle operator to bag the right assignment, run on an optimised route by avoiding obstacle and maximise revenue.
Streamlined tax structure
Developing a wide range of practical and economical EV solutions, including four-wheeler pickup trucks and two-wheelers in the near future to offer an entire range of products in the cargo segment, the company, according to Narang, is looking at the streamlining and lowering of tax structure of automobiles, which is currently layered on the basis of vehicle length, specifications and performance.

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