Nipman Fastener Industries is expanding its product range to cater to the CV industry.

Story by: Bhargav TS

Nipman Fastener Industries Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1997, and specialises in the manufacture of standard and special fasteners. Catering to the needs of auto components manufacturers, the company, in its pursuit for growth, is looking at the CV industry. Keen to address the needs of the CV industry by leveraging its experience and infrastructure, the company is currently serving auto components manufacturers like Abhishek Industries, A.G.Industries, IFB India, Hema Engineering, Hero MotoCorp., Hero Motors, Krishna Maruti, Rico Auto Industries, Rockman Industries, Subros, Sunbeam Auto Components, Trelleborg Automotive, Munjal Showa, Omax Autos, Sandhar Industries, and Unitech Machines. Apart from the CV industry, Nipman Fastener Industries is also keen to address the needs of the tractor industry as well. Specialising in cold forging, the company, according to Anup Kapur, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, is moving up the value chain. “By entering into the CV and tractor space, we will serve the entire auto industry,” he expressed. Hinting at attaining an amicable balance between the volume intensive two wheeler and passenger vehicle industries, and the tractor and CV industries, Nipman Fastener Industries is seeking growth by expanding its reach in newer areas of the auto industry, and industries that are allied to the auto industry. It was after much deliberation, said Kapur, that the decision to invade the CV and tractor industries was taken.

Manufacturing fasteners in the 4mm to 24mm diameter range, and of numerous types, Nipman Fastener Industries is well aware of the need to supply hot forged fasteners to the CV industry in particular. Producing counter sunk screws, bolt flange spherical screws, round head screws and bolts, hex head collar screws and bolts, shoulder head special bolts, flange screws and bolts, self tapping screws, socket flange screws, hex head collar screws and bolts, weld screws, socket head cap screws and bolts, engine studs, and numerous other types of studs, the company has studied the fastener requirements of the CV industry. Stated Kapur, “Commercial vehicles need 28 mm to 30 mm diameter hot forged fasteners.” “Our core strength lies in cold forging,” he said as a matter of fact. Operating with a philosophy to achieve the best, the company is investing in hot forging technology to be able to address the need of the CV industry. Nipman Fastener Industries has four manufacturing units at Ghaziabad, Manesar, Haridwar, and Bawal respectively. Of these, two plants cater to the two wheeler and passenger vehicle industries. The third plant caters to the Uttarkhand region whereas the fourth plant acts a feeder unit. The Bawal plant of the company was inaugurated recently, and produces fasteners and cold forged components.

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Nipman Fastener Industries entered into a technical collaboration with a South Korean company recently to manufacture steering system components. “The passenger vehicle steering division started commercial production from January 2017 in technical collaboration with a South Korean company that specialises in the manufacture of steering system components,” informed Kapur. He said, “This company makes steering systems for a leading South Korean Tier 1 supplier that in turn supplies to OEMs in India and the world over.” The company has developed three platforms for three different OEMs. There are about eight to nine platforms still under discussion. Forging and machining is done at the Bawal plant, and the machining, assembly and testing is carried out at the Chennai plant. Averred Kapur, “We mainly supply to Tier-1 companies. They in-turn supply to OEMs.” Confident of the steering and fastener business growing steadily, Nipman Fastener Industries, explained Kapur, is looking at contributing to vehicle light weighting with the use of different materials. “There are titanium fasteners and plastic fasteners which can aid light weighting. While titanium may not be applicable for all applications, optimising the use of fasteners will contribute to light weighting as well,” mentioned Kapur.

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The value proposition in the case of fasteners is tied to process differencies. Revealed Kapur, “There’s not much technical difference that can be achieved except process diferencies, which make a big difference.” With the manufacturing infrastructure comprising of forging and thread rolling, heat treatment, electroplating, and dacro coating, the company, which employs lean manufacturing processes, has invested in a modern and well-equipped laboratory. This lab is helping Nipman Fastener Industries to produce fasteners economically. It is also ensuring that the fasteners satisfy the QCD parameters of OEMs. Quipped Kapur, that it is the processes and equipment that differentiate fastener manufacturers at the end of the day. Aware of the demand for zero-defect fasteners, which necessitates flawless manufacture, the company is banking on its lab to support its new endeavours. Expressed Kapur, “An internal process has to be set up to identify defects and correct them at early stage of manufacture. Finished goods should enter the final inspection with a defect-free tag. If not, then the process flow and the procedures will turn out to be uneconomical.” Nipman Fastener Industries achieved a turnover of Rs.170 crore last year. This year it expects the turnover to grow by 15 per cent. The company has began exporting its products, and hopes to achieve a target of 20 per cent by 2020.

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