Demag AC 60-3 copy

Terex Cranes has introduced a three-axle AC 55-3 and AC 60-3 all-terrain crane. The three-axle 55-tonne and 60-tonne capacity models feature the latest industry advancements to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. The cranes have an automated counterweight rigging system for an easy and fast setup. The one-engine concept minimises operational and maintenance costs. The IC-1 Plus control system that provides the crane’s maximum allowable lifting capacity, is based on the slewing angle, for every crane configuration. Helping Demag three-axle cranes a one-person operation, the Demag AC 55-3 and AC 60-3 all-terrain cranes have a 50 m single cylinder telescoping main boom, the longest of any three-axle all terrain crane. The AC 60-3 crane can be fitted with a 16 m extension, making it the longest system in its class. The main boom on both cranes can be lowered to five-degrees below horizontal to avoid working at heights for easy and fast setup. compact with excellent maneuverability to help the operator quickly position the crane. The three-sheave VarioHook system, and powerful hoist, with 60.2 kN (6,13-tonnes) of line pull, contribute to help shorten rigging time, reduce the weight of equipment transported and save time on the job. There is also an optional all-wheel drive feature available for demanding jobsite environments.

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