MECO instruments has introduced a Multifunction Automotive Meter – Model MAM6138.  The meter can be used for measuring various battery parameters such as DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance, diode, and continuity. The meter is portable and designed with a pen type input jack. One can use hands-free test leads which are of pinpoint and hook type. These leads are additionally interchangeable. The meter has functions of both such as an auto range and a manual range with additional functions like an auto power off and data hold. After the device is auto powered off, if the current working condition has to be recovered, it is made possible by the ‘Hold’ button. If one needs to hold data while measuring, it can be achieved by pressing the ‘Hold’ button which will in turn hold the reading on the display. The meter has an added advantage of an in-built flashlight to support working in the dark as well. The operating temperature of meter is between zero degree centigrade to 40 degree centigrade, and can be stored at a temperature ranging from minus 10 degree centigrade to 50 degree centigrade. The meter also has a built in back-light which can be turned on in the dark to aid reading. This back-light lasts for about 15 seconds. If the battery voltage is less than 2.8 volts, the user is alerted to change the battery by a notification on the display. With its range of products, MECO instruments caters to the needs of market segments like electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers, power utilities, consumer product manufacturers, state electricity boards, testing laboratories and educational institutions among others.
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