After Delhi and Kerala, it is Lucknow in the news for a crack down on diesel tempos. Lucknow’s Chief judicial magistrate is claimed to have directed Lucknow’s Regional Transport Office (RTO) to crack down on diesel tempos in the city. The RTO will suspend the registration of such tempos if found plying on the roads. Diesel-run public transport vehicles were banned in the city as they are known to cause air pollution. Until now, such tempos, plying illegally, were released by the courts after payment against challan, claimed industry experts. LK Mishra, RTO (enforcement), Lucknow is known to have said that the proceedings to suspend the registration of illegally operating diesel vehicles will begin soon. The district magistrate is also known to have warned petrol pumps against offering fuel to such operators. Steps like the suspension of licenses of drivers of such diesel tempos is also on the cards. Lucknow RTO banned operation of diesel tempos post mid-2006. These were allowed to ply only after converting to CNG.


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