JCBL Limited believes it has rendered the next level of design, style, and technology in its uber Super-Luxury Travel Coach – Destiny.

Story by Ashish Bhatia

North India’s JCBL Limited based out of Chandigarh is known for its penchant to design and manufacture high-quality buses and load carriers. Known to be innovative in terms of rendering the design, style, and technology of its products, the company has come to command credibility by offering high standards of reliability. In yet another successful attempt, the company has rewritten the code of what a luxury coach is all about. The company first showcased its uber super-luxury travel coach – ‘Destiny’ at Prawaas 2019. Averred Rajinder Aggarwal, CMD, JCBL Ltd., in a candid chat with Bhushan Mhapralkar and Ashish Bhatia, “It’s a fine blend of old-world charm and modern design and technology that makes the coach standout”. 

Enter the coach through the pneumatic outswing electrical operated door (also provided for the driver), and driver ergonomics score well to lend to a good first impression. An all direction adjustable driver seat and a foldable co-driver seat make for a spacious cabin. To add to the driver’s comfort, the cabin is fitted with an in-cabin cold and hot case to hold the travel munchies. Besides, the driver has access to the motorised, adjustable rearview mirrors, three CCTV cameras, DVR, GPS and a reverse parking camera which can be viewed on the infotainment screen embedded into the dash. For the safety of the driver and on-board passengers, there is a heat and fire alarm system too complete with two escape hatches (with exhaust fan) and two emergency glasses breakable. The front-engine, 12-metre, super-luxury travel coach Destiny is aimed at going beyond just luxury to offer personalised luxury to the passengers. The bus body with a wheelbase of 5.95 m measures 2.6 m in width and overall height (with AC) of 3.79 m. It has a front overhang of 2.47 m and a rear overhang of 3.57 m.   

With passenger comfort at the forefront, the luxurious interiors are designed with a fair contribution from hand finish. The coach invites with 18 recliner berths that at a push of a button can be made to incline or decline. The berths are arranged in a 2×1 layout akin to the business class in modern aircraft. The berths are supplemented with nine additional business class executive seats. Curtains are drawn on every berth coupled with blinds and lend to the old world charm as they help build a personal and private space for those aboard. To complement the old world charm with modern-day utility and aesthetic appeal, the coach is fitted with 19-inch LED screens with headphones and pre-loaded Bollywood and Hollywood movies, television shows, and music to make the journey even more enjoyable on every seat and berth. Passengers are given the convenience to charge their devices with the USB charging sockets provided. To up the ante of onboard luxury experience, there is a call bell with indication, and believe you me a shoe rack too with the comfortable legroom. A sliding table can come in handy for passengers carrying a laptop or tablets or simply to hold up a tray for meals en route their destination. In terms of the driveability, Destiny falls back on the proven BharatBenz 1623 BSIV chassis. 

To know more about Destiny and the design force behind it, watch the three-part embedded video on our YouTube channel @commercialvehiclemag

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