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Reporting 11 per cent growth in revenue for FY2018-19 at Rs.1988 crores as against the revenue of Rs.1792 crores in FY2017-18, Greaves Cotton is ready to move to BSVI along with its automotive (OEM) clients. After supplying powertrains to most of the three- and micro four-wheeler manufacturers in India, Greaves Cotton is now pursuing a strategic plan to ramp up Cleantech products and services along with the Greaves Retail footprint and multi-brand spares. This is one of the initiatives planned by the company. In advanced development stages of some of the most promising BSVI fossil fuel powertrains, it is under the Cleantech business vertical to build a robust portfolio for CNG, petrol and diesel engines, that the company is setting new benchmarks and applying the required thrust to arrive at a slew of alternate fuel BSVI powertrains to be in-line with the new strategy at its clients’. Participating in non-automotive business sectors like gensets and farm equipment, the company is putting a good deal of emphasis on clean and affordable technology.

Supporting the government’s mission of clean mobility solutions through high-powered CNG engines that deliver exceptional on-road performance and enable significant savings, Greaves Cotton is experiencing good traction for its 400 cc and 510 cc CNG engines. These two water-cooled engines have been designed to suit user requirement in the best possible manner, according to Debashis Mitra, President – Engine Business, Greaves Cotton. These CNG engines have been designed and developed to extend maximum uptime to commercial three-wheeler and micro four-wheeler operators. According to Mitra, the deep insights gained by working with leading three-wheeler and micro four-wheeler manufacturers in the country has helped the company to further strengthen its market footprint through service technicians, and reliable products. As a part of a comprehensive strategy, Greaves Cotton made an agreement with manufacturers like Atul Auto, MLR Auto and Continental Engines Pvt Ltd (Baxy Group) to develop new generation fuel agnostic powertrain range for meeting BSVI norms by using diesel, petrol, CNG and electric power in 2016 and 2017.

E-mobility with BSVI
After displaying a BSVI compliant multi-cylinder turbocharged with inter-cooled diesel and a CNG engine that was developed in technical association with Pinnacle Engines and Altigreen Solutions at the Auto Expo, Greaves Cotton has made significant investments in design and development, training and capability building to successfully deliver future-relevant products (BSVI powertrains especially) and (Care) services. Showcasing linear twin-piston technology for CNG and petrol three-wheeler engines, the company anticipated a shift in fuel strategies considering the costs and regulations earlier on. Manufacturing approximately one engine per minute, Greaves Cotton has sold over five-million engines till date. With manufacturing facilities at Pune, Aurangabad, and Chennai, the company is looking at expanding the three-wheeler and micro four-wheeler powertrain market. It is eyeing the e-mobility side as well, and thus simultaneously developing a robust aftermarket program. Termed as ‘Greaves Care’, the program aims to become the country’s largest multi-brand organised service and spares network for three-wheelers and micro four-wheelers.

Announcing an increase in stake in its subsidiary, Ampere Vehicles, with the acquisition of 25,73,529 equity shares, Greaves Cotton is claimed to have retailed over 1000 e-rickshaws through few selected Greaves retail outlets across the country. These e-vehicles are said to be smartly engineered and are powered by a robust lead-acid battery and a motor ranging from one- to 1.28 kW. Under the Ampere brand, the company is offering cargo e-three wheelers with a payload capacity of 250 to 400 kgs and a charging time of 8 to 10 hours. With a maximum speed of 25 kmph, these e-vehicles can run between a range of 50 to 70 km on a single charge. By developing a concept e-rickshaw, E3, in association with the MG Group, Greaves Cotton is gearing up in the last mile e-mobility space. The use of composite materials to save weight and conserve energy has not only made the E3 stand out, but it has also reflected the ability of Greaves Cotton to pack advanced technology in the form of an ultra-light and compact induction motor. The high output induction motors were developed by Altigreen Propulsion Labs. The compact, high-performance controller powered by lithium-ion batteries also drew attention.

A glimpse of the Future
Greaves Cotton is claimed to be developing energy-efficient electric powertrain solutions that will address some of the most pressing concerns faced by commercial EV operators like range, speed, and carrying capacity. As per the sources, Greaves Cotton is looking at a considerable uptake in the e-CV space considering the Government’s push for localisation. Looking at a clear edge through Ampere, Greaves Cotton has chalked out a comprehensive strategy to pursue e-three wheelers and electric micro-four wheelers in-line with the shift in the M1 category. Averred Nagesh Basavanhalli, Managing Director & CEO, Greaves Cotton Ltd. that they are pursuing a vision to re-invent last-mile mobility with future-ready solutions which are destined to provide consumers with efficient, technologically superior products and services. He said “EVs are progressing. Diesel, I feel, will move away from major cities to rural and semi-rural areas where access to diesel is easier. Over the short to medium term, CNG and petrol would continue. Over some time, hybrid and electric powertrains will start to take over.”

Drawing attention to markets like Europe where there are two million charging stations, Basavanhalli explained that the percentage of IC engine vehicles in comparison to electric vehicles is more. “We are also moving in the same direction,” he said. Of the opinion that the shift (to electric) will not be instantaneous, Basavanhalli hinted at IC engines and electric vehicles to co-exist before the market decides. Accounting for a relevant support structure needed to ensure smooth and reliable operation of vehicles powered by its solutions, irrespective of they being IC or electric, Greaves Cotton is strengthening its service and spares network. It recently announced that its ‘Care’ business vertical has crossed 1,00,000 customer service in the last mile mobility segment. Expanding its network with the comprehensive 3S offering (sales, service, and spares), the company, according to K. Vijaya Kumar, President – Special Projects, Greaves Cotton, is ensuring that customers can avail parts easily and spend lesser time at Greaves Care centres. Currently, there are over 250 Greaves stores across the country.

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