GP Petroleums Ltd., has won the ‘Greatest Sales Growth’ award for Repsol Lubricants at the Global EMAI Awards 2017 held at Madrid, Spain. The basis for the award was GP Petroleums Limited recording the highest growth of 74 per cent in India for Repsol Lubricants in comparison to other markets that the Spanish oil major is present in. GP Petroleums introduced the Repsol lubricant business in India in 2016. Having the exclusive rights to manufacture and market Repsol’s superior and comprehensive line of premium quality lubricants across India, GP Petroleums is in the process of introducing the complete Repsol product portfolio for two-wheelers, passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles this fiscal. Considering the limited product portfolio of Repsol GP Petroleums is offering, the accolade speaks of a significant achievement. With focus on increasing the number of dealers to increase the reach, according to Hari Prakash M, CEO, GP Petroleums, the company would continue to create a market place for the Repsol lube range. As the auto industry turns a page to migrate to BSVI emission regulations, GP Petroleums is upgrading its set up to offer lubes for BSVI powertrains.

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