An automotive technology start-up with focus on electric CVs, Euler Motors has raised Rs. 20 crores in its Series A funding endeavor from Inventus Capital India. It is also supported by Blume ventures, Singapore-based Jetty Ventures and Sujeet Kumar as Series A funding enterprises. Apart from launching electric CVs in key regions of India and develop infrastructure for smooth adoption of EVs, the Series A funding will see the company hire talent, further strengthen its R&D and increase localization. Raising pre-series A funding from Blume Venture, US-based Emergent Ventures and Andrew Lee, the company, with the raising of Series A funding is keen to create a full stack ecosystem with Indian centric EVs, charging and service station networks. In the last 18 months, it has seen companies like BigBasket, EcomExpress, and Udaan, employ over 200 prototype e-vehicles for their last-mile delivery requirements. Euler Motors currently has a network of over 100 charging infrastructure in Delhi NCR for charging of over 200 e-vehicles at any point.

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