In line with the vision to drive modernisation in the commercial vehicle industry, VE Commercial Vehicles has introduced a seven-speed transmission technology in the entire range of its medium duty trucks. To be launched in a phase wise manner, in the first phase, the seven-speed transmission will be launched in Eicher Pro 3015 and Eicher Pro 1114XP with an aim to optimise drivability, infuse fuel efficiency and productivity while reducing fatigue for the driver.

The new four-cylinder E494 engine with seven-speed ET50S7 gearbox comprises of seven forward and one reverse gear, designed for smooth gearshifts and less torque interruption. Known for delivering the best in class fuel efficiency in LMD segment and with innovations like the seven-speed transmission, Eicher is reinforcing its commitment towards superior uptime for the vehicles and business profitability for customers. The superiority is further enhanced by virtue of the fact that Eicher has the highest payload in the 14 to 15-tonne GVW segment which drives significantly higher revenues.

Commercial vehicles engines are designed to operate under various tough conditions and seven-speed transmission is said to enable the vehicle to operate at a higher torque range (due to flat torque curve), eliminating the need to repeatedly shift gears. The technology is claimed to help the driver reach the top gear as early as possible by optimising the drivability in lower gear and as a result of incentivising performance in higher gear range. This, in turn, ensures a superior turnaround time, optimised engine performance and helps avoid unnecessary acceleration.

Mentioned Vinod Aggarwal, MD & CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles, “Eicher has always pioneered the use of intelligent technologies in their products in order to provide best-in-class services to its customer. Seven-speed is a revolutionary and advanced feature that will enhance fuel economy, increase pick-up and improve driving experience. Coupled with Volvo Group’s Engine Management system, Mileage Booster+, Fuel coaching and onboard diagnostics, it further strengthens our medium duty range, giving it a competitive edge.

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