Avenue IBUS is Turkey's first smart bus

Turkey’s first Smart Bus, Avenue IBUS, was delivered to Kocaeli University Techno Park. A minimum of 1,000 students and Tech park staff are expected to evaluate the IBUS in a minimum of 50 rides over a 25 km radius en-route the university to the techno park. The new improved technology on the bus, Fleetics, is the first product based on the V2SMART platform, co-developed by TEMSA, a member of the Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association in partnership with STM (Defense Technologies & Engineering INC.). Claimed to be a 100 per cent domestic system, ‘Fleetics’ enables real time and offline examination of the data collected from the buses by using large data infrastructure and data science techniques. Apart from providing data on real-time performance, it also pre-determines malfunctioning of spare parts of the smart buses. Additionally, Fleetics also enables modelling of driver behavior, accident prevention, fuel efficiency, route optimisation, increase of passenger safety among modelling of other cost saving opportunities. In case of the IBUS, the objective is to harness the feedback received from students and the tech staff for further new initiatives by TEMSA and STM in the realm of smart cities and transportation. Drawing attention to the changing individual and social needs in parallel with technological developments, Dincer Celik, General Manager, TEMSA described his organisation as an effective player of the change. “We are focused beyond the horizon. We are not only producing vehicles, we are producing and exporting technology, ” he averred. It was in September 2016 that the two partners started out on a long-term collaboration, in areas spanning smart vehicles, large data analytics, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), and Cyber Security.

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