Fast charger station at NITI ayog by ABB

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ABB, a global leader in electric vehicle charging has installed a fast charger electric station at Niti Ayog, New Delhi. Named ABB Terra 53, it is a 50kW fast charging station that can fully charge an electric vehicle in up to 30 minutes. Based on international charging standards for electric vehicles, Terra 53 uses EV batteries to convert alternating current from the grid to direct current. It is also capable of working with EVs operating on AC charging. Ensuring operations in all weather conditions, the station’s hardware is robust and complies with global electromagnetic compatibility. Taking advantage of ABB’s Ability Connected Services digital networking suite portfolio, the charging station links to payment platforms and smart grid systems. The cloud-based ABB Ability connection also facilitates smart trip planning for travellers by indicating where the next recharge stop will be. As a global leader in EV fast-charging solutions, ABB has more than 6,000 units installed across 55 countries.


DICV records a strong 2017


Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) recorded 2017 as the most successful year since it entered India in 2012. Strong momentum from fresh products and tailwinds from regulatory changes in the market environment are said to be the reasons. DICV, according to company sources, sold 16,717 vehicles in 2017, marking a 28per cent rise when compared to the sale of 13,081 units in 2016. The CV Maker gathered good momentum post the transition to BSIV emission standards. Announcing that it would offer BSIV trucks at the same cost it offered the BSIII trucks at, DICV received another boost from the advent of GST. It further accelerated its growth rate as customers began looking for modern, more capable and reliable trucks. Present in the nine to 49-tonne segment, the company’s performance rise in the year 2017 rose to 9.1 per cent when compared to a 6.8 per cent rise in 2016.


French auto and electric vehicle suppliers visit India

The French Trade & Investment Agency, the Federation of French Vehicle Equipment Industry (FIEV) and the European Association for Electromobility (AVERE) hosted a delegation of 21 French auto and electric mobility suppliers in India. The delegation visited Indian companies in Chennai and Delhi and showcased the range of expertise they could offer. With an eye on the Government’s efforts to promote electric mobility as one of the key solutions to reduce carbon emissions along with the introduction of the new BSVI emission norms, the delegation, drawing attention to France being the largest electric mobility market in Europe, expressed its interest to contribute to India’s ambitious automotive program with cutting-edge technologies. Keen to establish synergies, the companies that were a part of the delegation spoke about technical cooperation and partnerships. Dassault Systèmes, Bronse Alu SAS, EP TENDER, Favi SA, FIEV, Gefco SA, IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives) and others were a part of the delegation.

Hitachi banks on electrification and automation

Hitachi Automotive Systems India is banking on electrification and autonomous vehicle systems. The components division of the company showcased a range of electric and autonomous driving systems at Auto Expo 2018. These are aimed at evolving vehicles and are in-line with the environment and safety standards the company has come to adhere to. Catering to the OEM and the aftermarket in India, the company, in the area of autonomous driving is offering solutions that respond to regulations for environmental conservation. The solutions are created by coordinating 360-degree sensing technology and safety control technology to reduce traffic accidents and traffic jams. To improve fuel consumption, Hitachi is offering highly efficient next-generation gasoline engine parts. These are particularly instrumental in improving fuel consumption, increasing combustion efficiency and heat exchange.

Gautam Gambhir is Pinnacle brand ambassador

Gautam Gambhir, Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles brand ambassador copy

Gautam Gambhir has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles (PSV), a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries Limited. Specialising in the conversion and customisation of vehicles for commercial and personal use, PSV will have Gambhir as its brand ambassador present the brand and the values associated with it. According to Sudhir Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director, Pinnacle Industries Ltd., Gambhir will present PSV’s vision of revolutionising the concept of luxury and comfortable travel on Indian roads. PSV’s association with Gambhir will also extend to the Gautam Gambhir Foundation. PSV will customise vans for his community kitchen and various food drive initiatives. Among the range of customised vehicles PSV does, Gambhir will present the Finetza Series motorhomes; Opisia Series modified executive business van, and Magnifica Series of modified tourer vans and product display vehicles. The vehicles are based on the Force Traveller.

Dassault ‘Electro Mobility Accelerator’

Dassault Systèmes has announced the availability of ‘Electro Mobility Accelerator’ in India. The company will provide solutions with industry-proven capabilities for the development of new electric vehicle ideas; to virtually simulate and validate performance, and to support flexible and lean manufacturing. Introduced with an eye on India’s move towards sustainability, the ‘Electro Mobility Accelerator’ will provide an all-in-one collaborative cloud to help create and deliver lightweight, compact and high-performance battery solutions, powertrains, charging technology and software. ‘Electro Mobility Accelerator’ would also aid in tracking ideas from initial concept to customer delivery, with integrated governance to improve productivity, and reduce development costs.

Spark Minda inaugurates tech centre

Spark Minda Corporation, Die Casting - New Plant at Pune (1) copy

Spark Minda has inaugurated a tech centre at Pune. It is equipped with modern test and measurement equipment, development tools and a fully operational laboratory to support the development of embedded software and hardware. Including an engineering and design office, the tech centre, built over a space of 40,000 sq. ft., also includes EMI-EMC (Electromagnetic interference & Electromagnetic compatibility) test facility to cater to a complete suite of design and product validation tests. To have 400 employees, the centre, apart from strengthening the Group’s image as a complete system solutions provider, will nurture innovations and create breakthrough solutions. In other news, Spark Minda has commissioned its third die-casting plant at Chakan, Pune. Containing a test lab with x-ray, metallurgy, mechanical and environmental test equipment, the plant, measuring 10 acres of land, is laced with gravity die casting, low pressure die casting, precision machining and powder coating facility. Marking an investment of Rs.100 crore for Phase 1, the plant will lead to a rise in die casting capacity from 8,500 MT to 9,700 MT.